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Give Me a Reason - 53/?

Title: Give Me a Reason - 53/?

Author(s): deans_arie for Naythin Emerson & deans_fetish for Dean Winchester

Pairing(s)/Character(s): Naythin/Dean, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Raven (an original Character), Tag Hadley (an original character), Violet Aconite-Cross (an original Character), Sheriff Jody Mills, mentions of Keith (an original character), John Winchester, Sam Winchester & Jessica Moore.

Rating: NC-17

Spoiler(s): Seasons 1 - Season 4, episode 1

Summary: After tragidy rips their worlds apart, two men find purpose and a love they never expected.

Warning(s) AU, Angst, Mentions of past physical abuse, Schmoop, Slash (M/M sexual relationship), Swearing, Violence.

A/N: A special thanks to Eric Kripke for the Supernatural characters used, some of their storyline and background(s).

A/N (2): With all due respect for those individuals that had to live through, suffer, and wait out the hypocritical bullshit of this nation regarding same sex marriages, we have taken liberty with the dates that the state of Florida finally recognized gay marriage.

Tags: fic: au, fic: slash, pairing: dean/omc, rating: nc-17
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